An Organization for Prosperity
in Hamilton, Ohio's City Center

"This beautiful and far-famed Miami Valley is the garden spot of the world.”

- Abraham Lincoln

Hamilton, Ohio is a resilient community where citizens came together with great vision to recapture the city’s historic spirit through numerous redevelopment projects.

Our Mission

CORE’s mission is to accelerate Hamilton’s urban renaissance through
targeted investments in real estate projects in the City’s urban core.

The Need

CORE was developed because community leaders needed to combat community disinvestment, and expand economic opportunities for residents.

Our Focus

The Focus Area of CORE will be the urban core area of Hamilton, which includes the central business district and the immediately surrounding areas of German Village, Rossville, South East, and East High Gateway & Dayton Lane. The focus of CORE will be on these areas, but not limited to them.

Get In the Middle

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Consortium for Ongoing Reinvestment Efforts
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United States

Phone: (513) 334-4565

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